Last night I posted a congratulations message to the Houston Astros for their 2017 World Series victory over our local Los Angeles Dodgers. This came after weeks of cheering for the Dodgers (and multiple posts during game 7).

Naturally, a friend questioned if I meant any of that. Would I really have been so magnanimous if my beloved Boston Red Sox had lost in Game 7? Ok, so I have to label my baseball team relationship status as “It’s Complicated.”

DISCLOSURE: The Dodgers are my adopted team.  Like generations before me I was raised a Red Sox fan, but I moved to LA in Oct 1988, landing on the day the city threw a parade for their recent World Series victory (and the Dodgers haven’t won since – not my fault!)

To be honest, I would likely have had some “armchair manager” choice words last night if it was Boston losing Game 7, but…


As a Red Sox fan, times have changed.
If we’d lost prior to our epic 2004 victory I’d have moaned about generations of Red Sox choking, secretly cherishing my part in the latest chapter of that tradition. But winning a few World Series titles since then has healed a lot of our New England “lovable loser” mentality…


As a Baseball Fan this year was a great series.
These were two great teams, both 100 game winners in the regular season and very evenly matched.  Both cities hungry for a win – the Dodgers hadn’t won in 29 years (again, not my fault!) and the Astros had NEVER won.  Yes, the armchair coaches will shout about things they would have done differently – they always will. But this was an engaging series played out with drama and skill to the absolute last.


Dodgers Halloween Victory 2017 World SeriesBut I live in LA and The Dodgers Lost.
From a local point of view it would have been great for LA to have won.  There’s nothing like the energy that comes from a hometown championship.  Game 6 fell on Halloween and almost every house we trick-or-treated at had the game on.  My son came back from each door with candy and an update on the score.  “Dad! I got a Snickers and the Dodgers are up 2-1!”  My wife and I had already decided we would take him to an LA victory parade… if there was one.



Houston’s Win is Now Legend.

Coming this year, while the city is reeling from the devastating damage done by the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, this victory will always be part of their city. It makes a great story which I’m sure the Houston media will be singing all this year and referencing for years to come.  Like the 2013 Red Sox World Series victory after the Boston Marathon bombings became part of the legend of the city and the team, so will this victory and celebration cheer the spirits of a city like Houston as they rebuild and recover.

Congratulations Houston! #2017WorldSeries Champions!

#BostonStrong #HoustonStrong

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  1. Even some of the most diehard Dodger fans have been heard, in the aftermath, to say “Houston Strong!” A testament to the good folks of LA and and our nations sense of real community. Thanks for your post Brett. I look forward to reading more!

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