Like most things in life, this started by accident.

I misread a fortune cookie.  I cracked open the cookie my wife handed to me and instead of correctly reading “Your life will be prosperous” – I read it out loud: “Your life will be preposterous.”

We burst out laughing.  Because it’s true.

This Preposterous Life

There is truth in accidents.

We can make plans all we like, but we have to work with the world as it presents itself.  Things don’t always go as they were written… and sometimes that is wonderful.

There are plenty of resources out there to focus on unfortunate turn of events. You are just a few clicks away from a million miseries right now. But we press on. I live through the rough times and, instead of wallowing in the misery, I try to focus on the good.

The mini joys.

The surreal moments.

The random connections.

The laughs.

The positively awesome.

The strange coincidences.

The Preposterous.

So this site is launching with the intention of being a place for me to celebrate the beautiful randomness, miniature celebrations, and unexpected hilarity that unfolds.

Of course that is subject to change.

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