Kids who grow up in places like Miami or Phoenix or San Diego, (like my own son growing up on Los Angeles) miss out on the special childhood miracle that is “Snow Day.”

To wake up and find snow covering your neighborhood is magical in itself.  There’s the visual transformation, a massive hush that falls over on the noisy world.  And you can see the possibility of snowballs and snowmen and sledding… it’s an instant sense of wonder all waiting right outside your window.

But there is a colossal energy that swells in each kid on those mornings – it takes the form of the unknown… it’s nearly Christmas-level anticipation. The question on every kid’s lips is:

“Will they cancel school? “

In that moment it’s a coin toss – you still have to get dressed, have breakfast, get ready for school… until you don’t.

Today through text alerts and email and the internet notice comes much faster.  Some school districts see the storm coming and announce closures the night before – preparing parents, but robbing children of that morning of delicious anxiety.

When I was growing up school closures were announced on the radio.  Instead of music those mornings there was talk.  A lot of it.  And there was only one thing we wanted to hear.

Desire, anxiety and frustrations co-mingled as we listened to the voices on the radio forecast snow depth by county, report on current wind and visibility, and stories of cars that lost control on the ice.  There were updates on snowplowing, reminders to listeners to stay safe at home…

And FINALLY they’d get to what we were waiting for! They would read a list off the school districts that were closed today!

In Alphabetical order.

I lived in Windsor.


It was pure torture.

Good for you Avon. Congratulations Bloomfield. Sounds like fun Danbury…

It was taking forever… EAST Windsor?  Seriously?  You can’t just include all the Windsor’s together?

This is how my belief in miracles came.  That concentration. That single-minded, laser-focus on one positive outcome just built and built.  I knew if I stared at the black dial of our kitchen AM radio long enough and hard enough the man on the other end would say the magic words.  There would be freedom.

Vernon. West Hartford. Windham… and then…

“All schools in the school Windsor Public School district will be closed today.”


There would be sledding! Snowmen! Snow forts & snowball fights. Endless possibilities for joy and adventure were just outside the window!

Snow Day!

And later, when our clothes were soaked and faces turned blue, there would be hot cocoa and dry socks and a warm cozy evening at home… hoping for another snow day tomorrow.

And so I came to believe in miracles. No grown up wanted to cancel school. Of course not.  But if I could make them cancel school just by concentration. By pouring every ounce of my belief and desire into making that voice on the radio close my school… why, then ANYTHING was possible!



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or How I Came to Believe in Miracles”

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