I’m not much of a gamer, but my son plays, and I just wanted to sing the praises of a game he recently completed: Horizon Zero Dawn

First off, it’s a beautifully realized world.  The more you play and discover the more amazing vistas, details, and creatures you encounter.  The video segments that lead the story along are top quality animation, rivaling feature film quality.

As for the play – most popular games we find are just a lot of fighting without much in the way of story or character development (Fortnite anyone?).

Yes, there’s shooting and fighting in this, but you are exploring a beautiful world, with challenges, puzzles to solve, interactive choices, and a rich story that unfolds as you play.

The main character is a young woman who gains skills and knowledge as she progresses through the post-apocalyptic open world. The game also gives you the option to play in ‘story mode’ where you get to explore and enjoy all this world has to offer with less intensity.

The main game was followed by one add on/sequel “The Frozen Wilds” Hopefully they continue to add to this rich world.

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