It’s the week where everyone is reviewing the year… and being just past Christmas you might find you have an Amazon gift card you’re not sure how to spend… allow me to nudge you toward these excellent books – all written by friends and published in 2018.

Yes, these authors are personal friends, but I can attest that they are skilled writers with interesting ideas and marvelously they found the words to share them. I find my life full of creative productive people and can’t help but share their works…

I realize these books are VERY DIFFERENT genres from one another… so I don’t expect them to all appeal to you. But I imagine one will call to you and be an unexpected delight.

Soccer Thinking for Management Success: Lessons for Organizations from the World’s Game by Peter Loge

Author Peter Loge is a soccer fan who has worked in and led organizations, political campaigns and government offices. In his book he deftly points out how lessons from the world of soccer provide keys to organizing organizations of all types. Not just relying on his own observations, the book includes tips and quotes from some of the great coaches, managers and players of the soccer world. If you are part of a business team, or the leader of one, this book is full of indispensable ideas on how to make your organization well. Order yours here: Soccer Thinking for Management Success: Lessons for Organizations from the World’s Game

The 25 by Ace Bryant

A thriller set in a near future where a corrupt and divisive President is in his second term. We follow an undercover FBI Agent as he pursues a mysterious domestic terrorist group called “The 25.” No one knows much about them, other than they recruit seemingly ordinary Americans to act as suicide bombers taking out “President ____’s” alt-right supporters. Order yours here: The 25

A Tiny House Novel (3 Book Series) by Celia Bonaduce

I’m listing the the whole trilogy because books two and three were published this year… and you really want to read them all. If you’ve ever thought of living in a Tiny House, or picking up and living life on the road… you’ll enjoy the story of Summer Murray and her 220 square foot home on wheels. Get yours for Kindle Here: A Tiny House Novel (3 Book Series)

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