Here are some tips for naming a new website:

Make the name:  Relevant, Repeatable, and Relocatable

With I broke all 3 rules right out of the gate.

Those rules are so people will understand what your site is about, remember it later, and can easily find it by typing in the name.

I know it’s hardly clear what this is about, and it’s probably not memorable – but honestly I thought the biggest hurdle would be people not being able to spell “Preposterous.”

Last night I got a call that dropped the bar even further.

When you register a new domain, and buy hosting for it, you start getting telemarketer calls. I’ve been getting daily calls from perky recordings like “Hi This is Jenny!  I’m calling to help your business show up in Google…” yeah, yeah, yeah… I think I’ve got my hang up speed down to 3 seconds…

But last night it was a live guy in a loud phone bank room. I could just picture him surrounded by people wearing headsets all making the same pitch in the background. And he has an Indian accent… I felt bad for him and let my hang up speed lag…  I let him start.  After the preliminaries it goes like this:

“I see you have a new web site”


“You are the owner of ThisPrespos… preposit..”

“Yes I am”

“Preposini… presss…  Oh, Hell”  *CLICK*


Sometimes the best defense is a good unpronounceable URL!

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